JR & Associates, Inc. represents more than 20 years of experience working within the Professional Employer Organization industry, both as previous owners of a PEO and as marketing professionals for the PEO industry. While our main office is located in Boca Raton , Florida , we have helped business owners across the country achieve their business objectives through their association with one of our many PEO partners.

Finding a PEO that can meet your needs and be a positive addition to your business environment can be quite a time consuming task. The knowledge and experience of our staff and JR & Associates can help to simplify this selection process.

Our goal is to understand your specific needs, identify the best solution and quickly get your company a competitive PEO proposal. With some assistance from you, we will develop a
Request for Proposal which will be sent out to the PEO that meets your specific needs. You will not be contacted by the PEO until a final decision has been made.

There is no cost or obligation on your part to receive a quote for services. We are anxious to help you achieve your business goals and we believe that a PEO is a solid solution to do that.