PEO's represent freedom and simplicity. They reduce liability, improve efficiency, and increase all stakeholders' level of satisfaction. PEO's can help move your business to the next level by removing all the obstacles related to the business of employing people.

Partial List Of PEO Benefits to the Employer


  • Payroll and Employee Administration - Reduce employer liability and the time cost of administration
  • Human Resources - Organize company policies and avoid legal entanglements
  • Work Comp & Loss Control - Eliminate audits and deposits, manage risk and claims
  • Employee Benefits - Reduce turnover and increase employee satisfaction

  • Outsource employer responsibilities and liabilities
  • Re-focus on bottom line activities
  • Outsource non-productive administrative functions
  • Create predictability in operating costs
  • Create operating leverage
  • Reduce vulnerability to key employee turnover
  • Enhance perceived value of benefits