PEO's provide four integrated services via co-employment  

PEO's work by assuming some of the employer risks and responsibilities for your employees. As a strategic partner, they lease those same employees back to your business while administering some or all of the employee benefits, human resources, services, risk management, payroll, tax administration and workers' compensation insurance. Employees have access to benefits such as group health, 401K plans, cafeteria 125 plans, life and dental insurance options. Many PEO's offer even more value adding benefits and services to help you and your employees succeed.

  • Tax filings and deposits (940 & 941)
  • Payroll checks & direct deposits
  • Maintain and store employee files
  • Process garnishments, support, etc.
  • Wage verifications & employee inquiries

  • Employee handbook & job descriptions
  • Assist with SUTA claims & hearings
  • Provide HR consulting via phone/on site
  • Compliance assistance-FMLA/COBRA etc
  • HR forms and employment paperwork
  • Training and worksite assistance
  • Negotiate & procure work comp coverage
  • Eliminate down payments & audits
  • Manage claims & return to work programs
  • Worksite safety programs
  • OSHA logs and reviews
  • Fraud investigation

  • Provide access to health or administer plan
  • Dental & Life insurance plans
  • 401K retirement plans
  • Section 125 Flexible benefit plans
  • Time savings on administration
  • Additional benefits & employee perks

Your Business, Inc.
Owner/ Manager
PEO - Administration
Payroll, Taxes, HR,
Work Comp, Benefits.
The PEO becomes your
outsourced employee
processes department
Sales & Marketing
Bottom Line Activity
Bottom Line Activity
Products & Services
Bottom Line Activity

As an employer or manager, you get to clear your desk of things like payroll, paperwork, employee taxes, quarterly reports, workers' compensation insurance and those big down payments, premium audits, claims management, benefits procurement, administration, and many other burdensome tasks related to the business of employing people. Now you'll have time to grow your bottom line.

PEO client customers enjoy greater employee satisfaction, decreased liability exposure, decreased time and costs involved with employment laws, and the freedom to focus on their core business.

As a business owner managing employees, imagine having your very own HR and benefits department focused on serving your employees' needs. PEO's are in the business of employment so you can run your real business.

We can help you select the perfect PEO for your business. We work with a wide range of PEO's offering various features and benefits that solve real business problems.