We are pleased to welcome you to the Jerry Rhodes and Associates website. Our simple, clean design should allow you to find the information you need with ease and speed.

If you are a potential client, we welcome you to browse this site and explore our wide range of services. Our goal is to provide prospective customers with enough information to make them wonder why they are not using our services. If you are new to Professional Employer Organizations (PEO) and the concept of employee leasing, we encourage you to tour our site and learn more about us. Or, you may also quickly navigate through our site by using our Site Map page.

If you are presently a client we hope our new website will provide you with additional information about our firm. We aim to provide existing customers and partners with information and assistance that will make the management of their day-to-day job easier. Established in 1997, we are dedicated to developing partnerships between a company and a Professional Employer Organization. A PEO may not be the perfect solution for every small business but it is the best option for individuals and companies who are willing to outsource human resource functions to obtain much needed benefits, improve employee retention and save time that can be better used to growing the business.

The partnership should benefit the company owner in a way that allows them to focus on their business. JR and Associates is staffed by a highly qualified and motivated group of experts in the field of Employee Leasing. The efforts of our personnel and the right choices in selecting a PEO that meets the needs of our customers have resulted in millions of dollars saved on Human Resources, Health Care and Workman's Compensation costs over the past several years.

Finding the right PEO for a company requires much research and can often be a very time consuming task. When selecting a PEO, it's important to understand what needs and objectives you're trying to accomplish. To learn more, click on Why use a PEO?.

As a marketing group, our energy goes toward an understanding of your company and your needs. Once we determine what's best for your company, we go to our markets and take the time researching and selecting which PEO is right for your business. With experience dating back to 1988, we will simplify your PEO selection process and will obtain for you the best deal possible.

We pride ourselves in helping you face your most difficult challenges with unique solutions, yet we never lower our standards. If you are looking for immediate and/or long term personnel solutions then JR and Associates is the service for you.

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